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About Us

At Centre, we’re dedicated to delivering a personally tailored, globalized and real-world-ready education. So seriously dedicated that we make the following Centre Commitment: Students who meet the College’s academic and social expectations are guaranteed

  • an internship or an undergraduate research opportunity.
  • a study abroad opportunity.
  • graduation in four years, or we’ll provide up to an additional year of study tuition free.

Our faculty will get to know your interests and talents and push you to excel. Our staff will go out of their way to make you feel at home. Our historic, lush campus will offer you world-class teaching, laboratory, and athletic facilities. And thanks to the nation-leading support of our alumni, our generous financial aid will offer you one of the most affordable liberal arts educations in the country.

Get to know us better here and then come visit in person so you can see what a place Centre College can be for you — a place where you will be challenged, supported, transformed, and ready to make a difference for good with your life of work and service. Count on it!

Our People

John Roush