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2017 Institute on Integrative Learning and Signature Work

2017 Institute on Integrative Learning and Signature Work

Jul 11th - All Day

The 2017 Institute on Integrative Learning and Signature Work is intended for college and university teams interested in developing faculty and staff leadership to advance programs and curricula that build students' capacity to integrate their learning - across general education, majors, and the co-curriculum, as well as prior professional, academic, and life experiences inside and outside the classroom. Today's college graduates must be able to apply the knowledge and skills they are learning in real-world contexts as they collaborate to develop solutions to complex and urgent problems encountered in globalized workplaces and civil life. The Institute is informed by the LEAP Challenge's aim to expect signature work of all students.

Institute Goals

  • Explore integrative learning and signature work, including outcomes, hallmarks, and challenges.
  • Promote educational effectiveness by connecting equity-minded, innovative teaching and learning practices to meet departmental, programmatic, and institutional goals.
  • Focus on problem-based inquiry and students' exploration of big questions and unscripted problems at home and abroad through integrative and progressively more challenging assignments in both general education and majors, leading to integrative signature work.
  • Assess student achievement in integrative learning, concentrating on authentic assessment of student work in classes and in field-based learning experiences based on identified learning outcomes
  • Lead institutional and departmental efforts to advance equity-minded, engaging, and intentional integrative curricula and practices within and across departments, majors, general education, the co-curriculum, and the community.

Application deadline: March 15, 2017

Registration fees

This fee covers room, most meals, tuition, materials, and access to the faculty consultants.

AAC&U Member institutions, 5 person team - $7200

Non-member, 5 person team - $8200

Additional team members will be charged 1/5 of the respective five-member team fee.

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