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Institute on General Education and Assessment

Institute on General Education and Assessment

The Institute on General Education and Assessment provides campus tams with opportunities to refine and advance general education programs and their assessment. The rapidly changing composition and circumstances of our students and faculty compel us to expand our cultural understandings, organizational constructs, digital creativity, and pedagogical approaches in order to create learning environments that meet the needs of a support success for all our students.

Institute Goals

Align campus goals for general education with institutional goals for learning and student development.

Develop intentional general education programs and instruction that are attentive to community-based and co-curricular experiences for the purpose of improving learning from cornerstone to capstone.

Identifying strategies and practices for successful implementation of curricular/co-curricular change that reflect intercultural awareness within and beyond campus and attend to shifting student demographics, transfer challenges, and inclusive standards for student success.

Implement meaningful assessment strategies that target learning outcomes (including those critical personal and social responsibility outcomes often demonstrated through high-impact practices), produce useful data that can be widely communicated, and lead to improvement in teaching and learning practices.

Create a plan for action that enables team members to take thoughtful strategic steps toward accomplishing their goals for general education reform and assessment of student learning.

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