What is InnerView?

Kentucky Campus Compact is partnering with Purposeful Networks to offer a unique leadership development program and access to InnerView, a digital platform that students use to share their passions and civic engagement. Students create dynamic, interactive profiles that allow them to share their stories and gain recognition from potential employers, organizers, friends, supervisors, and mentors. InnerView helps individuals share the time, energy, and effort they invest in making an impact, be that through leading clubs and initiatives, taking part in groups and clubs, helping others by volunteering or donating, or speaking out at events or through publishing articles and blogs. The platform allows students to create a community around issues they care about and connect with volunteer and service opportunities on and off campus.

Creating and Using InnerView



Zach devotes his time to helping first generation college students in the Student Support Services Ambassadors and by serving on his campus's Relay for Life planning committee.

Jennifer has made multiple trips to Guatemala to deliver water filtration systems and help build houses and organizes fundraisers throughout the year to support their programs.

About Purposeful Networks

Purposeful Networks is the leading provider of digital platforms and programs to support significant positive impact around the world. We believe people are at the epicenter of driving the change necessary to improve our world. Our platforms and communities are meaningful networks where people derive value from participation; places where greatness is discovered, shared and celebrated thus creating inspiration, opportunities and positive impact.

Create Your InnerView

Creating and InnerView profile is quick and easy. Simply visit and click ‘Sign Up’ to get started. View this video guide to help you set up your own dynamic profile. Anyone who creates an InnerView before March 31 is automatically entered to win a $500 service award! To see examples of profiles and profile information, simply click on the names to left to view their InnerView.



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