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TASK VISTAs may work in either of the four focus areas: Economic Opportunity, Education, Healthy Futures and Veterans and Military Families. TASK VISTAs support programs that expand job opportunities, reduce homelessness, improve K-12 and/or post secondary education success, combat obesity and improve health services, solve the problem of hunger, provide nutritional education, and services that benefit Veterans that have served and their families. VISTA activities also include recruiting and managing community volunteers, fundraising, planning organizational events and expanding access to technology for those living in rural and urban areas of poverty across Kentucky.

Currently the TASK Application is closed. You can still create your AmeriCorps profile at my.americorps.gov. 


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Thank you for your interest in serving with TASK VISTA! At this time the application window has closed. Please check back next year for the 2018-2019 TASK AmeriCorps VISTA application. 




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Last updated: 8/9/2017


TASK Application Closed! Check back next year to see our available positions!

Important VISTA Policies

Resource for your VISTA year

VISTA Paperwork and Forms

  • Letter of Intent to reenroll for another term of service.
  • On-Site Orientation and Training
  • Timesheets
  • Progress Reports






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Here are a few fequently asked questions about the TASK VISTA program. Also check out the FAQ page proivded by CNCS (Corporation for National and Community Service)

Can I switch from the stipend to the education award? 

No, you can only switch from the education award to the stipend up until your 9th month of service. Once you select the cash stipend you are not able to switch back to the education award. Make your decision wisely!

Can I work from home? 

Yes, but you must have filled out and have your supervisor sign the Tele-Service document. This document must be returned to the KyCC office and approved before you are allowed to work from home.

How many days can I work from home? 

You are permitted to work from home 2 days, per pay period. 1 day per week, per pay period. You cannot use those days back to back, or both days in the same week.

What is considered full-time hours as a VISTA? 

37.5 to 40 hours at your service site. 

Who do I go to for issues pertaining to my on-site supervisor? 

First, schedule a meeting with your supervisor and bring those issues up with him/her. If that does not solve the issue, please bring your grievances to the TASK office.

Can I have outside employment?

As long as it does not interfere with your VISTA responsibilities. You must also complete and return the Outside Employment document {link document}.

How do I show proof that my living allowance is not income? 

Every active AmeriCorps member receives a “Service Letter” in their My AmeriCorps portal. This letter states your living allowance is not a source of income. To obtain your letter, login to my.americorps.gov and print off your service letter.

Can I participate in election events during my service year? 

Yes, but do not wear any VISTA related clothing, pins, etc. Do not make it known that you are an AmeriCorps VISTA in anyway. Always keep in mind, you are representing yourself at these events, not AmeriCorps. 

VISTA Reports

When are the TASK VISTA reports due?

Reports are to be completed no later than the 5 th day of every month. No exceptions.

What does “Number of community volunteers VISTA member recruited in this service period” mean?

These are the NEW volunteers that were recruited during that month.

What does “Number of community volunteers VISTA member managed in this service period” mean?

These are the RETURNING volunteers for the month. Do not count new volunteers as returning volunteers.

What does “Total service hour’s community volunteers recruited by VISTA member in this service period” mean?

This is the total amount of volunteer hours for any NEW volunteer during that month.

What does “Total service hour’s community volunteers managed by VISTA member in this service period” mean?

This is the total amount of volunteer hours for any RETURNING volunteer during that month.

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