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Blog: Coronavirus and the Engaged Campus AND https://illinoiscampuscompact.org/resource-posts/covid-19-and-the-engaged-campus/

Community-Based Learning in times of Social Distancing, Isolation and Quarantine: https://liftingbridges.weebly.com/cbl–covid-19.html?fbclid=IwAR0XmptrZqFvrbzXHRA5_y4aBcyTX77cusVXOLy6U5tfRPmoqW5A9QgndgI

Community-Engaged Teaching during Suspension of Face-to-Face Classes: https://blogs.iu.edu/citl/2020/03/11/cel-during-crisis/#.XnE1F2hKjIW

Continuing community-engaged teaching during COVID-19: https://csl.iupui.edu/resources-support/Response%20to%20COVID-19.html?fbclid=IwAR2QDmVapCffjgduR_7JtQkCHe2dKIm8D_4gDZYmbKAW-PxYc9swYyDrKzY

SENCER Models that Address Infectious Diseases and Epidemics (National Center for Science and Civic Engagement, Science Education for New Civic Engagement and Responsibilities)


Coronavirus Virginia Resources Website: https://virginia.compact.org/coronavirus-virginia-resources/

Coronavirus: Want to help during the outbreak? Here are 5 ideas.

Epidemic Preparedness for Community Organizations

For work with nonprofits (from Leadership Council for Nonprofits):

      1. Think about how you might provide financial support, almost every nonprofit has a “donate now” button on their homepage. 
      2. Advocate for nonprofits to be included in packages for relief and stimulus:An Appeal to Congress to Include Nonprofits in Packages for Relief and Stimulus
      3. Perhaps you can drop off useful supplies a nonprofit might need (check with them first).
      4. You may have more downtime on your hands because your events are canceled – perhaps you could write thank you notes, or find other ways to help nonprofits while you are spending more time at home.  
      5. Your kids’ games/activities will be canceled – ask them how they might help a nonprofit. This is a time to innovate, teach & reinforce the values of community service. 

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National Conversation Project’s COVID-19 Response Plan

Community Commons: Coronavirus Response: Peer-to-Peer Resource Sharing

Community Commons Coronavirus Response Google Form

Civil Conversations Project