January 2021: KY College Coach Spotlight

January 20, 2021

Meet Julianne CondiaJulianne Headshot

Julianne Condia (pronouns: she/her/hers) serves as a Kentucky College Coach with the University Connect & Persist Office at Northern Kentucky University (NKU). She works with Norse Skolars, a new NKU program designed to help first-year students transition from high school to college. This program is primarily for first-generation students who are new to the collegiate experience. Throughout this academic year, the Norse Skolars team has hosted different workshops and activities on topics such as time management, getting involved, budgeting, and others that are deemed beneficial for the participants.

This past fall, Condia noticed that students had financial holds on their accounts that prevented them from registering for the spring semester. To help with this, she made phone calls to every Norse Skolar student to support them with the issue. A few of the students that Condia called had no idea how to fix the issue, and some did not realize they had a hold in the first place. She believes this outreach was impactful because she was able to connect students with resources on campus and help them figure out how to get the holds lifted in time for registration. Condia enjoyed being able to help students get registered for the following semester.

A key takeaway from her service so far is that even small actions can have a significant impact. For example, a simple check-in call can help a student solve a problem they are having or help them learn about a resource on campus that they did not know existed.

To learn more about the Norse Skolars program at Northern Kentucky University, be sure to check out the NKU Norse Skolars section of our website. Be sure to stay up to date on all of the upcoming events for Norse Skolars by following their Instagram page.

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