November Message from the Executive Director

December 1, 2020
Dear Colleagues:
What a busy time of year! The election is behind us and the transition to a new administration is underway. Thanksgiving happened, “2020 style”. Nine months in, we are continuing to learn how to manage the pandemic.
Now, we look ahead at many religious and secular celebrations, where one focus is on creating peace – in our own lives, our communities, and in our country. The civic engagement work you do every day contributes to that peace and I want to thank each of you for your ongoing efforts that are so impactful to students, local organizations, and people in your region! 
These words from Shannon Mannon, newsletter editor from Living Room Conversations, is a message of hope and a reminder to continue to offer students the opportunity to add their creative ideas for peace and reconciliation:
Peace doesn’t magically happen. Each one of us, and this broad movement of social connection and repair, comprised of national coalitions, volunteers, and organizations large and small make it so. 
The fruits of this work are their own reward. But every so often, we need to look up and celebrate that long, slow, generational shifts are happening. The arc is bending towards justice because we are bending it.
Our future lies in the next generation. We believe we have a responsibility to create a movement that not only speaks to them but allows them to speak to it.
Wishing everyone a safe and healthy December and Holiday season!

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