Values, Mission, Vision


KyCC is a values-based organization. This year our team came together to codify in black and white what our values are. Our value statements are:

        • Create Diverse Partnerships to Strengthen Impact
        • Embrace Challenging Conversations and Structures
        • Empower Active and Inclusive Citizenship
        • Infuse Fun
        • Respect and Accept Each Person
        • Seek Transformational Learning

These values serve as our compass as an organization and are in line with our mission.


Kentucky Campus Compact strives to advance the public purposes of colleges and universities by deepening their ability to improve community life and to educate students for civic and social responsibility. We work towards this goal through addressing the areas of College Access, College Success, and Community Impact.


Campus Compact envisions colleges and universities as vital agents and architects of a diverse democracy, committed to educating students for responsible citizenship in ways that both deepen their education and improve the quality of community life. We challenge all of higher education to make civic and community engagement an institutional priority.