Academic Programs and Courses


The Merrimack College Master’s degree in Community Engagement is officially launching an online degree option.  Three four-credit courses will be available this fall.  For more information, to register for a course, or to apply for the degree program, please contact Alex Harrigan at harrigana {at} merrimack(.)edu

      • CME 506G Community Organizing & Development; Online; Thurs 8:30-9:50 required weekly virtual session; This course examines place-based community organizing and development from a social justice perspective. Through case studies, students learn about current issues and approaches to community change. The course emphasizes organizing in low-income communities and provides an assets-based approach. The course will address key issues such as housing, economic development, neighborhood revitalization, and sustainability, with a focus on the social and political aspects of development.
      • CME 540G Fundraising, Grant Writing, and Development; Online; asynchronous; This course examines the critical role of fundraising and development in nonprofit organizations and other community settings. Students will have the opportunity to develop a grant proposal. Students will become knowledgeable about a wide range of fundraising strategies and techniques, such as capital campaigns and event planning. They will consider related issues including branding, community relations, and the use of social media.
      • CME 6025G Community Engagement in Higher Education: Online; asynchronous; This course examines the contemporary community engagement movement – e.g., service-learning, civic and community engagement, community-based research – in higher education. It explores key programmatic issues such as course development, student outcomes, and community partnerships as well as core theoretical questions. The courses will focus on the limits and possibilities of community engagement in higher education through multiple frames of reference: technical, cultural, political, and conceptual.

Micro-Credentials Offered by Campus Compact HQ: 

Campus Compact Headquarters offers two micro-credentials for post-baccalaureate professionals to continue their education and demonstrate proficiency in civic engagement. The two currently offered are Community Engagement Fundamentals and Community Partnerships. More information can be found in the link below.



September 12  11:00am – 12:00pm, $50 Register for Digital Board Bootcamp 

Need an easy way to learn the essentials of serving on a nonprofit board? Sign up for Digital Board Bootcamp, a 60-minute webinar that covers the fundamentals of volunteer board service and features expert panelists: Barkha Patel, Chris Adams, and Delores Hargrove-Young. Attendees receive a board-service handbook, assessment, and certification based on a passing score. 

October 1 5:00 – 7:00pm $20 Register for the Board Match Event 

Ready to find a board position? Join our next Board Match Event on October 1, and enjoy refreshments and conversation as you meet the nonprofits whose open board positions specifically match your interests and skills in a speed-dating style environment.