Member Benefits

Civic Engagement & High Impact Practices

Conference opportunities around civic engagement and high-impact practices (ex. service-learning, community-based research, etc.). KYCC coordinates networks and resources for all member campuses, with additional focus on STEM subjects.

College Access

KyCC sponsors an AmeriCorps State program, Kentucky College Coaches, that focus on college access. The program place near peer mentors in 50 high-schools statewide. The mentors serve in a full-time capacity helping students to navigate the steps to college and career.
For more information on Kentucky College Coaches, click here

College Success

Kentucky College Coaches on Campus is an AmeriCorps State program sponsored by KyCC. KC3 help member colleges and universities bolster their efforts in serving students, specifically focusing on first generation students, low-income students, and veterans. The program can enhance or improve existing student success services, or it can help launch a new student support effort.
For more information on Kentucky College Coaches on Campus, click here.

Community Impact

KyCC VISTA program utilizes full-time AmeriCorps VISTA members to build capacity and fight poverty in Kentucky. These projects focus on Economic Development, Education, or Health. Member institutions can apply for VISTA project(s) through internal departments (ex: service learning, campus food pantry, regional outreach). KyCC member institutions can also refer community partners to apply for VISTA project(s).
For more information our AmeriCorps VISTA program, click here.

Student Leadership & Recognition

Students enrolled at KyCC member institutions will have the opportunity to join the Student Advisory Board and participate in the annual Kentucky Collegiate Leadership Conference. Member institutions have the opportunity to host and/or coordinate the conference in collaboration with KyCC staff. Kentucky Campus Compact supports student nominations for the National Campus Compact Newman Civic Fellowship.
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If your institution is interested in joining KyCC as a member, please contact Gayle Hilleke by email (execdirector or phone: 859-572-7634. 


Member Institutions

Dr. Larry Ferguson, President
Contact: Alvin Baker, alvin.baker {at} kctcs(.)edu


Dr. Susan M. Donovan, President
Contact: Sarah Rohleder, srohleder {at} bellarmine(.)edu



Lyle Roelofs, President
Contact: Sarah Rohrer, sarah.rohrer {at} berea(.)edu



Morehead State University LogoDr. Jay Morgan, President


John A. Roush, President
Contact: Andrew Patrick, andrew.patrick {at} centre(.)edu



Eli Capilouto, President
Contact: Todd J. Stoltzfus, todd.stoltzfus {at} uky(.)edu

Dr. M Christopher Brown, President
Contact: Irma Johnson, irma.johnson {at} kysu(.)edu


Barton D. Darrell, President
Christine Salmon, Ph.D., csalmon {at} kwc(.)edu


Dr. William T. Luckey Jr., President
Contact: Natalie Vickous, vickousn {at} lindsey(.)edu



Dr. Cynthia Kelley, President
Contact: Scott Cook, scott.cook {at} kctcs(.)edu


Dr. Ashish Vaidya, President
Contact: Mark Neikirk, neikirkm1 {at} nku(.)edu



Dr. Carey Castle, President
Contact: Elaine Wilson: elaine.wilson {at} kctcs(.)edu


Tori Murden McClure, President
Contact: Richard Hudson, rhudson {at} spalding(.)edu