Kentucky College Coach

Kentucky College Coach Program

Kentucky College Coaches is a statewide AmeriCorps program that places mentors in both secondary and post-secondary schools to support college access and student success.  The mentees are typically students who

  1. will likely get through high school, but who are unlikely to go to college;
  2. who would be first-generation college attendees; and/or
  3. who are from low-income families

The AmeriCorps service members are tasked with acting as coaches to these selected students, to help them be successful in all aspects of their school career. At the high school level, they are encouraged to think about, apply for and achieve acceptance to college or some sort of post-secondary option.  This will involve doing whole-school activities, as well as one-on-one mentoring with core students from each grade level (9th-12th grade). At the college level, the near-peer mentors will help the students engage in the school environment, experience academic success and graduate with their chosen postsecondary degree or certificate of completion.

  • Living allowance: $ 1,210 per month (depending on start date for term of service), less FICA and other applicable taxes.
  • Segal Education Award: $2,900
  • AmeriCorps healthcare and childcare eligibility
  • Federal student loan forbearance eligibility
  • Professional development
  • College access and mentoring training

Kentucky College Coaches are tasked with assisting high school students to think, apply for, and get accepted to college. This will involve doing whole-school activities, as well as one-on-one mentoring with core students from each grade level (9th-12th grade) designated by the member’s school-site supervisor.

National Service Recognition Day 2019

Anderson Co HS
Belfry HS (Pike Co)
Boyd Co HS
Caldwell Co HS
Calloway Co HS
Carroll Co ATC
Casey Co HS
Edmonson Co HS
Fleming Co HS
Franklin Co HS
Gallatin HS (Gallatin Co)
Green Co ATC
Harrison Co ATC
Holmes HS (Kenton Co)
LaRue Co HS
Lynn Camp HS (Knox Co)
Marion Co HS
McCracken Co HS
McCreary Central HS
Meade Co HS
Morehead State Univ.
Muhlenberg Co HS
Newport HS
Nicholas Co HS
North Bullitt HS
North Hardin HS (Hardin Co)
Ohio Co HS
Pendleton Co HS
Powell Co HS
South Floyd HS (Floyd Co)
Southern HS (Jefferson Co)
Tates Creek HS (Fayette Co)
Valley HS (Jefferson Co)
Warren East HS (Warren Co)
Webster Co ATC
West Carter HS (Carter Co)
Whitley Co HS

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