NKU Norse Skolars

From Summer Melt to Student Success

Summer Melt: When students who qualify for college and in some cases even register for classes ultimately end up not attending college because they lack resources, support, guidance, and encouragement. Their motivation to attend college “melts” away during the summer between the end of high school and beginning of college. NKU Norse Skolars is a program that will help recent high school graduates as they transition to college, and will support them academically and socially during their first year at NKU.

In January 2020, the AmeriCorps Norse Skolars program was a finalist at the NKU Innovation Challenge and was selected and approved for funding and implementation. Since that time, AmeriCorps, Kentucky Campus Compact, Admissions and UCAP have been collaborating on plans to supplement services for nearly 500 incoming students who are selected as Norse Skolars. Norse Skolars currently represents 185 high schools from 11 states.

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NKU Norse Skolars hosts recurring workshops! Learn how you can get involved with various on-campus organizations at NKU to make the most out of your NKU experience.
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