KY Campus Compact Anti-Racism Statement

Adapted from The National Campus Compact:

The historian Ibram X. Kendi reveals that there is no such thing as non-racism, only racism and anti-racism.

The KyCC team recognizes that we are implicated in the same systems of inequity and injustice as every other institution and organization in the United States. We have begun the internal work necessary for making us an anti-racist network. That work will not be finished in a month, a year, or at any foreseeable date, but it is work that must be done.

As we work to align our own organization with our values, we encourage our KY member colleges and universities to join us.

Anti-Racism Links:

From Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy: How to combat anti-Asian micro-aggressions and direct or underlying tones of racism and xenophobia that you (or your children or others) may encounter/witness:

      1. Proactively remind ourselves and others around us not to project fears of the virus onto marginalized groups or spread unfounded associations. People of Chinese heritage or those who look East Asian are not genetically predisposed to carry or spread the disease.
      2. Pay extra attention to employees and communities who have limited or no access to work-from-home options or paid sick leave. Prevention and intervention strategies are not always equitably distributed in the office and beyond, and we also know that economic disparities tend to cut along racial and gender lines. 

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