KCC Spotlight: Marsha Nodeen

March 2, 2022

Meet Marsha Nodeen

Marsha Nodeen is an Instructional Designer at one of KyCC’s partner campuses, West Kentucky Community and Technical College. She works in the Online Learning Department and absolutely loves what she does. Read below for a look into Marsha’s experience as a Kentucky College Coach!

What is something you love about the campus you’re positioned at?
The people at WKCTC are so friendly! I love going to work!

Why did you choose this campus?
Actually, the position chose me! KCTCS is all changing from the “old” version of Blackboard (Learn) to the new version (Ultra) completely as of Summer 2022. That means that all the online courses AND all the on-ground courses that use Blackboard to supplement their courses have to start using a new platform, or Learn Management System. I was already teaching in the Learn on Demand series and had converted my courses to the new system when this position came up. One of the people in the Online Learning Department contacted me to let me know this position had been listed.

What has been your favorite part about your position?
I really think that my favorite part of this position is being able to help the instructors figure out ways to make their online classes better for their students! Each instructor has different needs within their course and my “job” is to help them create the best learning environment possible. It’s nice to be able to try to help them take what they want their class to “look” like and find ways to make it work within Blackboard Ultra. For some instructors, my job is to help fix issues. For some, it is to help them be creative within the environment. No two instructors’ needs are the same and that’s really cool!

How has KyCC and your campus been able to make a difference?
I believe that we have been able to make a difference not only in the instructors’ transition to Ultra, but in the end, we have made a difference to many students by making their online courses more student-centered and thereby have made their learning easier.

What would you want to impart to any future college students?
I think that online learning is the way almost all of us will continue to learn throughout our lives. If you take the time to really look through an online course, I believe that you will find that you can learn and are able to successfully complete an online course.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself!
I retired from K-12 Public School teaching in 2016, where I taught K-5 General Music and K-8 Computers – and I am the grandma of a wonderful, feisty, active 9-year-old  girl!

Do you have any other thoughts on KyCC or your campus?
I think that anyone would enjoy working at WKCTC! They really are trying to make a great learning experience for all the students!

KyCC appreciates all of your hard work and your wonderful personality, Marsha! Keep up the good work in your community!