KCC Spotlight: Rachel Evitts

January 12, 2022

Meet Rachel Evitts

Rachel Evitts is a coach with our Kentucky College Coaches program at KyCC. She is able to serve her students in Muhlenberg County through this AmeriCorps program. The site Rachel serves at is called Muhlenberg Achieves, which is a site striving to increase educational attainment for Muhlenberg students from kindergarten through adulthood. Rachel has been helping students achieve success in school and have access to post-secondary school in the future. Read below for a look into her service experience!

What has been your favorite part about serving through KyCC AmeriCorps this past year?

My favorite part about serving through KyCC AmeriCorps is helping students. I not only get to help them complete their FAFSA and college applications, but I’m able to help them explore careers, search programs and colleges, and find needed resources.

What has been your favorite part about serving at your specific site?

I get to serve in my own community. I love being able to make an impact where my own family and friends live.

Which KyCC AmeriCorps project did you enjoy the most?

I have enjoyed taking students on college tours the most. With a grant from KyCC, I was able to take a group of students to Kentucky Wesleyan College. Many students don’t believe they are “college material” until they set foot on a campus. Watching them realize new dreams is what makes everything we do worth it.

What are some skills you’ve learned through your service?

I have gained skills in mentoring and networking. I have learned the importance of building relationships.

Tell us your proudest achievement through KyCC AmeriCorps.

My proudest achievement was hosting a college fair. The event was successful with over twenty colleges and programs represented. Attendance included our state’s largest public universities, small private colleges, a beauty college, National Guard recruiters, and several representatives from KCTCS. Students and parents attended alongside their principal, guidance counselors, and teachers who came to support them.

How has your service changed in light of the recent tornadoes in western Kentucky, if it has changed at all?

The community of Bremen in my county was devastated by the tornado. Many of our students were directly affected. Since schools were closed, I was able to volunteer by cleaning up debris and through donations. Now that we are back in session, we are picking up where we left off with a deeper appreciation for the well-being of the whole student. It’s now more important than ever to look toward the future and the hope that it holds.

What would you want to impart to future KyCC AmeriCorps members?

To any future KyCC AmeriCorps member I would say to always focus on what is right for the individual student. Every student is unique with their own needs, background, challenges, and goals. We have an amazing opportunity to impact lives, but we can’t do that with a one size fits all approach.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself!

I am a non-traditional/adult student. I will graduate from Murray State University in May. My own academic journey is what leads my passion to help others achieve success.

What are your potential plans once you’ve finished your service?

Once I finish my service I plan to continue working to improve my community, by promoting post-secondary success.

KyCC appreciates your higher education service, Rachel! Keep up the good work in your community!