VISTA Spotlight: Audrey Hager

November 24, 2021

Meet Audrey Hager

Audrey Hager is another AmeriCorps VISTA member serving at Berea College! She serves as the K-12 liaison for the Berea College Art Museum. Read how Audrey has been impacted by her AmeriCorps experience!

What was your favorite part of serving in AmeriCorps so far?

My favorite part of my service so far is looking through the art inventory to find interesting materials for lesson plans.

What was your most favorite part about serving on your site?

My favorite part about serving on site are the wonderful people I collaborate with on a daily basis. 

What project did you enjoy the most so far?

So far, I have enjoyed learning about different content to write more informed lesson plans about them.

What skills did you learn so far during your service? 

I have learned much about art and lesson plan writing. I have also learned how important it is to connect students to primary objects when learning about events to give them a more immersive experience.

Your proudest achievement? 

My proudest achievement so far is that I have successfully organized the various lesson plans that already existed before me, and went through them individually to mark what needs to be the focus of their revision. My next step is to revise each and continue by creating more lesson plans based on primary objects.

What do you want to do after serving? 

After serving, I want to continue in a pathway that allows me to serve students.

What do you want to impart to future VISTAs?

VISTAS are important positions and you have the opportunity to serve a community in a way that wouldn’t be as feasible if not a VISTA. It is important to see the bigger picture and understand how you are helping your community, even if you are not doing direct service.

Favorite hobby? 

My favorite hobby is anything involving the outdoors. I specifically love whitewater rafting and hiking. I also love crafting and reading.